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PSI Summit 2016

PSI Summit is a One Time Only Event!
September 11 – 17, 2016
High Valley Ranch

What would your life look like if you were living the PSI philosophy at a higher level?

This incredible event will be unlike any other as we dive deeper into the essence as well as the foundation of internal leadership skills and qualities. PSI Summit gives you a platform to increase your ability to have an advanced degree of awareness of your inner life and collective attention to your authenticity.

A powerful week long seminar created from the PSI Vault and philosophy archives.

PSI Summit is for those who are ready to apply the advanced seminar trainings at an entirely new level. A once in a lifetime synergistic event revealing the secrets to implementing the PSI Philosophy.

PSI Summit will be personally overseen by Jane Willhite.

Not only has she been at the helm of the longest running personal growth seminar company in the U.S. for over 40 years, JC has mentored and been mentored by the best of the best in the industry.


The principles for excelling in all areas of your life are universal..

Much of the incredible content developed for this seminar comes from “The Vault” of PSI courses that is only just now being released. You will learn advanced tools and techniques that will give a deeper clarity to your personal and professional goals.

There IS a system and science that is not special or elusive. PSI Summit is an advanced journey of personal growth in every aspect. Reach new heights in self leadership, relationships, influence, wealth, personal power, and fully realizing your unique self expression in the world.

Watch this special video message from Bob Proctor about the Wealth portion of PSI Summit:

With an elite group from around the world you will be applying all of the different technologies, all of the philosophies, and working together with each other to bring these practices to play in our families, our communities, our businesses, and our lives.

This is your chance to make 2016 an exceptional year unlike any other, where you propel your life forward to achieve even greater success using proven tools and techniques. Conquer your fears, expand your mind, and get ready to elevate your consciousness as you launch your life beyond what you previously thought possible.

Join us as we create history once again!

High Valley Ranch
September 11 – 17, 2016
(Limited Seating)

“Whether you are conscious of it or not, with every thought, you are creating your life – why not create the life you desire?”

Jane C. Willhite

PSI Summit 2016. The Point of Highest Achievement.